Conflicts and Party Strategies


New Political Conflicts and Party Strategies:

A Comparative Analysis of the Politicization of Identity, European Integration and Immigration

I am a team member in this project led by Iván Llamazares Valduvieco, University of Salamanca (Spain). We seek to analyze the advance of new political-cultural issues in interparty competition in Europe and Latin America. In particular, this project will examine the politicization of three types of conflicts relative to the character and limits of the political community: namely those linked to ethno-cultural identities, immigration and supranational integration.

Firstly, this comparative study aims at identifying different patterns of inclusion of these issues in the electoral arena. Thus it pays special attention to the ways in which these new dimensions of conflict become linked to previous political divisions (such as the left-right dimension). Secondly, we will try to assess the influence that different causal factors (structural, attitudinal, political-institutional and strategic) exert on the patterns of politicization of the issues mentioned above. The project will combine multilevel analyses with crisp and fuzzy sets (and also using MSDO and MDSO) in order to identify and explain the links between public preferences and party positions on the three types of issues mentioned above.


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